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IT Sourcing

The Information Technology (IT) needs of an organization can range from the hiring of quality IT staff to the outsourcing of their IT projects or a combination of both.

American Personnel Managers & Consultants, Inc. understands these needs and their complexity.  We will work with you to implement the right IT solution for your organization.

Our IT Outsource offerings include Data Back and general full support IT services.  The following is a summary of our full support outsource services.

Network Services:

  • Consult and Design
  • Analysis and audits
  • Documentation
  • Deployment
  • Management
  • Support


As a certified EMC reseller we work with you providing solutions, accelerate higher efficiency, rock-solid agility for mission-critical applications, and new ways to drive business value via infrastructure, applications, and user access. EMC products, services, and solutions are essential to help you build your cloud—better  

Data will grow 50X in the next 10 years. Both the sources and types of data are expanding continuously, every minute of every day. This "digital universe" presents unique opportunities and huge infrastructure challenges.

Cloud Meets Big Data:  Big Data presents an opportunity to create unprecedented business advantage and better service delivery. It also requires new infrastructure and a new way of thinking about the way business and IT work.

— Minimize risk, improve data protection, and control costs of information retention with tiered protection and storage, automated storage and disposal, and a unified, cross-enterprise content platform.         — Assure business operations that recover quickly from disasters while improving availability of key business systems. Compliance and eDiscovery Solutions— Adhere to government, industry, corporate, and legal mandates to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and gain efficiencies.   Energy Efficiency Solutions— Maximize the energy efficiency of your information infrastructure while reducing costs, ensuring uninterrupted operation, and minimizing environmental impact. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions— Achieve unprecedented agility in managing risk and demonstrating compliance. Information Security Solutions— Protect your critical data throughout its lifecycle and accelerate your business with advanced management and security solutions. Infrastructure Consolidation and Optimization Solutions— Rely on EMCs holistic, information-centric approach to application, database, storage, server, and data center consolidation as well as data center relocation and migration.  

Project Management

For 5 or 500 systems, experienced project managers use proven methodology to deliver your equipment on time and with minimal interruption to your business. Site surveys are available to identify power and data issues, document existing configuration, and plan locations for user data during conversion to a new system. We will work with you to develop a base image, test and pilot it. After successful pilot, the systems will be integrated and installed.

Our Project Managers keep you informed throughout the roll-out. You can also access our tracking database over the internet to check build and delivery status.

Help Desk and Call Centers:


Our Helpdesk and Call Center clients see results: improved end-user productivity, and an IT department that can focus on strategic initiatives. Each month we'll report your call volumes, response times, resolution rates, and types of problems, documenting for you the quantitative benefits of Helpdesk.


Help Desk calls are answered quickly meeting metrics on accuracy, Calls Per hour, Customer Service, Adherence etc., with a strong team Help Desk Specialists handle more than 140,000 calls per month. Problems or questions not solved on the first call are passed to Second Level support.

All the Time

The world of e-business operates 7 x 24 x 365. So does Help Desk. Use it for round-the-clock support or as an off-shift supplement to your internal support. Choose the hours of coverage and the type of support you need.

Leverage the proven results, fast response, and round-the-clock quality service of Help Desk. Learn how Help Desk can free your IT department to focus on the strategic projects that keep your business ahead of the competition.

System Management Services:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Proactive Event Management
  • Reporting and Capacity Planning
  • Software Development and deployment
  • Applications Management
  • Inventory
  • Remote Control & Diagnostics

Manage More... with Less

With the advent of pervasive computing, your IT infrastructure is growing faster and becoming more complex to manage. We offer scalable, integrated management solutions that enable your business to manage more systems with less time and resource. Our partners can design, install and support a comprehensive solution that gives you centralized control of networks, systems, databases and applications. We can also manage the solution for you, freeing you to focus on your business.

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Be Proactive

The best systems management practices assure maximum up-time at minimal cost, exactly what you need in today's 7 x 24 e-business world. Our proactive approach to monitoring critical resources allows us to anticipate problems, automate corrective actions and prevent crises before they affect your team, your customers, or your bottom line.

Manage. Anything. Anywhere.

We use web-enabled technology and software from vendors such as Tivoli Systems to reduce the cost and complexity of systems management. Today, Information Technology truly is an anything, anywhere environment. Leverage our expertise, tools, and staff to manage it the smart way.

Amerijob Staffing Solutions
Amerijob Staffing Solutions Amerijob Staffing Solutions Amerijob Staffing Solutions Amerijob Staffing Solutions